Sunday, October 9, 2011

A pause 4 peace

I wish to temporarily interrupt my cartoon with the following message...

As I write this right now, I'm on, a truly inspiring and beautiful experience as it is happening online right before my eyes... & it's easing me personally, especially after all the frustrations & pain I've personally had 2 face & deal with throughout my life trying 2 create my work 4 Love, Joy & Peace (which has been reflected in other posts on my other pages at times)... & suddenly this page is a flash back to what's imporant to me, how my own work connects with others' work for the same goal, and this event is also serving me personally as a reaffirmation of who & what I am personally and as an artist at my core despite all that's happened... in other words, it's being a healing experience for me right now at this moment...

please excuse typos, I'm typing this in a rush...

Anyway, I was just inspired to create the following:

L.O.V.E. = Light Our Vision Eternally

I'll be eventually turning that into a new lyric... I'll share it here whenever it's done... and I also wish & pray I can again forgive my personal trespassers/harassers as purely as I was once able to do... and that I won't personally let my own pain distract me from my goals artistically and personally, and can still help my fellow brothers and sisters of the world spread Love, Joy and Peace for our beautiful planet & God.

Thank u 4 taking the time to read this.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Trip 24

RITA'S VOICE: "SHOOT! You gonna be out on TIME?"

LUCY: "Should be. The boss says he's got me covered. I'm off in another minute or so."

RITA'S VOICE: "Whew! You had us worried there for a sec!"

LUCY: "I'd better go, I'm trying to console Cindy, she's all worked up. You guys hurry, ok?"

RITA'S VOICE: "Gotcha! See ya in a few!" *CLICK*

Trip 23


"It's been a MADHOUSE all day here, Rita!

The store was giving away FREE gift tickets to guests with a PURCHASE to promote the band's new album 'Strawberry Jamz'...

...and they're all going BERZERK!"

Trip 22

RITA: "Yo, Lu?"

UNIDENTIFIABLE VOICE: "RITA? Is that YOU? I can barely HEAR you!"

RITA: "I can hear YOU just fine! Jude's on his way to pick you guys up. You both READY?"


Trip 21

RITA: "I'm callin' Lucy and make sure she's ready."

Trip 20

So later on...

RITA'S VOICE: "So Jude, you said that both Cindy and Lucy are going, too?"

JUDE'S VOICE: "Yeah. Lucy's still at work, and Cindy's hanging out with her waiting for 'er to get off the clock, or somethin' like that."

Trip 19

JUDE (naturally speaks in a thick Liverpudlian accent): "Me and every other bloke on the surface of the PLANET, I take it'cha need some WHEELS."

MAX: "YEAH! EXACTLY! Can ya please drop by and pick me and Rita up?"

JUDE: "Natch. I got calls from Cindy and Lucy, too. Be by in a few."

MAX: "GREAT! I KNEW we could count on you! THANKS, man!" *CLICK*

Trip 18

MAX: "HEY, Jude! You up, man?"


MAX:"You hear the news today?"

Trip 17

MAX: "Relax, sis. All I gotta do is call a pal with a car and we're all set."