Sunday, June 5, 2011

Trip 24

RITA'S VOICE: "SHOOT! You gonna be out on TIME?"

LUCY: "Should be. The boss says he's got me covered. I'm off in another minute or so."

RITA'S VOICE: "Whew! You had us worried there for a sec!"

LUCY: "I'd better go, I'm trying to console Cindy, she's all worked up. You guys hurry, ok?"

RITA'S VOICE: "Gotcha! See ya in a few!" *CLICK*

Trip 23


"It's been a MADHOUSE all day here, Rita!

The store was giving away FREE gift tickets to guests with a PURCHASE to promote the band's new album 'Strawberry Jamz'...

...and they're all going BERZERK!"

Trip 22

RITA: "Yo, Lu?"

UNIDENTIFIABLE VOICE: "RITA? Is that YOU? I can barely HEAR you!"

RITA: "I can hear YOU just fine! Jude's on his way to pick you guys up. You both READY?"


Trip 21

RITA: "I'm callin' Lucy and make sure she's ready."

Trip 20

So later on...

RITA'S VOICE: "So Jude, you said that both Cindy and Lucy are going, too?"

JUDE'S VOICE: "Yeah. Lucy's still at work, and Cindy's hanging out with her waiting for 'er to get off the clock, or somethin' like that."

Trip 19

JUDE (naturally speaks in a thick Liverpudlian accent): "Me and every other bloke on the surface of the PLANET, I take it'cha need some WHEELS."

MAX: "YEAH! EXACTLY! Can ya please drop by and pick me and Rita up?"

JUDE: "Natch. I got calls from Cindy and Lucy, too. Be by in a few."

MAX: "GREAT! I KNEW we could count on you! THANKS, man!" *CLICK*

Trip 18

MAX: "HEY, Jude! You up, man?"


MAX:"You hear the news today?"

Trip 17

MAX: "Relax, sis. All I gotta do is call a pal with a car and we're all set."