Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Trip 3


" *Ahem* Greetings, gentlemen.

And thank you for being here today.

Now I know you're all wondering about this little meeting I've called in regards to the musicians from Dream City I've booked to play on our next show who call themselves GALAXY."

Trip 2

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Trip 1

Somewhere in Splitsville...

Welcome 2 "DREAMERS"!

DREAMERS is a free little side story I'm publishing online in connection with my own upcoming 2-be-published DREAM CITY material.

This time, rather than inking everything up, I'm deliberately creating it casually as a series of relaxed roughs, some only 1-minute sketches, some more detailed.

Those familiar with my work over the years ever since 1984 will of course be the first 2 tell U that I tend to be a stickler 4 detail, that I usually bend over backwards 2 get the inking just right, etc. But 4 this particular project I didn't want 2 have 2 deal with any of that as it isn't part of this particular gig's concept. I see this one as being in the spirit of all my fellow San Franciscan hippie cartoon artists who just wanted 2 be free, lounging about whenever & wherever they wanted 2 with pencils & paper in hand, just sketching it out 2 relax 2 trip out on, not caring the least about "professionalism" which can be wildly overrated anyway, just wanting 2 draw on the fly & letting it relax & be totally free, because it's just a cartoon, U know? ;) Just something 2 enjoy & be cool with.

The story will consist entirely of 1-minute roughs, some quickly sketched out, others will more detail added as I personally feel like doing it. A very random project in its own way, as U can see. & that's a rarity 4 me, as I always plan things out so meticulously... but that's part of the point of this one's concept, that 4 once I'm just relaxing & having a good time with my pencil & paper, just as I used 2 before jumping in2 the animation industry.

This piece will be fairly continuous & I'll keep it going as long as I personally feel like keeping it up. I'll add on2 it as I personally feel led 2, which means of course that there is no set time 4 whenever new additions will be posted, so please be sure 2 check back whenver u like, & I hope U enjoy it.

Love, Joy, Peace
Craig Carrington

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This material is solely my own personal material & may not be reproduced, copied, or otherwised used in any way, shape, or form without my personal permission. Thank U.