Sunday, July 27, 2008

Welcome 2 "DREAMERS"!

DREAMERS is a free little side story I'm publishing online in connection with my own upcoming 2-be-published DREAM CITY material.

This time, rather than inking everything up, I'm deliberately creating it casually as a series of relaxed roughs, some only 1-minute sketches, some more detailed.

Those familiar with my work over the years ever since 1984 will of course be the first 2 tell U that I tend to be a stickler 4 detail, that I usually bend over backwards 2 get the inking just right, etc. But 4 this particular project I didn't want 2 have 2 deal with any of that as it isn't part of this particular gig's concept. I see this one as being in the spirit of all my fellow San Franciscan hippie cartoon artists who just wanted 2 be free, lounging about whenever & wherever they wanted 2 with pencils & paper in hand, just sketching it out 2 relax 2 trip out on, not caring the least about "professionalism" which can be wildly overrated anyway, just wanting 2 draw on the fly & letting it relax & be totally free, because it's just a cartoon, U know? ;) Just something 2 enjoy & be cool with.

The story will consist entirely of 1-minute roughs, some quickly sketched out, others will more detail added as I personally feel like doing it. A very random project in its own way, as U can see. & that's a rarity 4 me, as I always plan things out so meticulously... but that's part of the point of this one's concept, that 4 once I'm just relaxing & having a good time with my pencil & paper, just as I used 2 before jumping in2 the animation industry.

This piece will be fairly continuous & I'll keep it going as long as I personally feel like keeping it up. I'll add on2 it as I personally feel led 2, which means of course that there is no set time 4 whenever new additions will be posted, so please be sure 2 check back whenver u like, & I hope U enjoy it.

Love, Joy, Peace
Craig Carrington

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This material is solely my own personal material & may not be reproduced, copied, or otherwised used in any way, shape, or form without my personal permission. Thank U.